Friday, July 16, 2010

Diverge to divulge in my love of the three R's

I've decided that I should go beyond just my love of cooking in this blog, and divulge occasionally in those other aspects that, if I had been born 30 years earlier, would make me a perfect housewife.

I have always been all for reducing and recycling (I was just telling a friend yesterday that one of the reasons I love my new phone, the HTC Evo, is because the only accessories that came with it were a USB cord and the plug to turn that into a charger. Thank god I won't ave to add more to my bag of old chargers and cords that were for who knows what.)

My favorite "R", however, is "reuse". Not only is reusing objects and materials a great way to help save the enviroment, but it also saves me money, and adds to my aesthetic of vintage, mismatched hominess. The easiest way I've found to reuse?


My makeup brushes live in mason jars, my pens sit in a flower pot I decoupaged with images from old magazines, and I store bulk quinoa I purchase at Whole Foods in an old chickpea tin. I actually got upset yesterday when I found out my friends threw away the Cafe du Monde tin that held the chicory coffee I gave them.

I'm sure The Container Store hates people like me.

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